3D printing is a fast, easy, and versatile manufacturing process used in a variety of industries to create prototypes in-house and manufacture various end-use products and tools. This relatively new technology, also known as additive manufacturing, offers a host of advantages and is changing the way many companies do business.

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3D Printing Benefits in Entertainment and Business

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Using Twindom body scanning technology, Custom Color 3D Printing can take a scan of a person or object and turn it into a highly detailed 3D replica. To ensure it meets your expectations, a professional artist will examine and touch up the design before it’s printed. The result is an intricate figurine or batch of identical figurines, each of which goes through an extensive quality control process before you receive it.

3D printing is affordable and faster than traditional fabrication methods because there are no molds required. If there’s something about the design you’d like to tweak before you print another one, you can simply adjust the design file instead of having to rebuild a mold. By using nylon, we avoid the unpleasant fumes created by some plastics and resins during production. 

Hobbyists and small manufacturers turn to full color 3D printing for figurines ranging in size from 3’’ to 9’’. Businesses and individuals use them to celebrate special occasions with 3D replicas of honored guests or treasured objects.

3D Printing Benefits in Manufacturing

3D printing allows for last-minute in-house production of required tools, jigs, and fixtures made of durable materials like ABS and CPE. It offers a streamlined production process where a needed accessory can be replicated precisely. Compared to traditional fabrication methods, 3D printing can be set up quickly, and its accuracy means there is less variation during the assembly process. This helps companies save money and reduce downtime. 

3D Printing Benefits in the Medical Field

The implications of 3D printing in healthcare are vast. Dentists can use it to create precise models of patients’ dental arches. Surgeons can print models to help explain surgical procedures to the patient, or for their own improved understanding of the position of a tumor or foreign object in the body. 3D printing is also used for customized prosthetic devices. Potential applications for 3D printing within the medical field will continue to grow as technology advances. 

3D Printing Benefits in Education

Teachers and students can use 3D printing to improve their understanding of a number of concepts. It allows for cost-effective experimentation as students refine their theories. While PLA is a commonly used material, nylon offers an odor-free alternative. It’s every bit as affordable and easy to use, but it offers enhanced chemical resistance and durability, which may be preferred for certain experiments and applications. 

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Nylon Figurine 3D Printing from Custom Color 3D Printing

The applications for 3D printing will continue to expand as the technology becomes more refined. At Custom Color 3D Printing, we use body scanning technology to create exquisite and intricate nylon figurines that meet and exceed your expectations. Our full-color 3D printing capabilities, attention to detail, and passion for serving our clients allow us to deliver quality 3D printed objects for a variety of industries. Contact us to learn more about the benefits of 3D printing and our nylon figurine 3D printing services.

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