Producing critical parts to help meet urgent needs of health care workers or organizations.

Face Shield
Face Shield
Premium Mask Fitter
Premium Mask Fitter
Standard Mask Fitter
Standard Mask Fitter
Ear Savers
Ear Savers

Face Shields, Mask Fitters, and Ear Savers Available for Order

If you are a healthcare organization or business preparing to reopen/open and are in need of face shields, mask adjusters, or ear savers to protect against COVID-19, please complete the form below to place your order.

​All items can be customized with any colors/patterns/logos you’d like. Contact us for more info!

Face shield frames are: $70.00 for 10 frames ($7.00/each).

Standard plastic shields are: $25.00 for 50 shields ($0.50/each).

Crowned plastic shields are: $35.00 for 50 shields ($0.70/each).

Standard Mask fitters are: $30/$35 with smoothing (min. order quantity of 40 fitters)

Premium Mask fitters are: $40/$45 with smoothing (min. order quantity of 30 fitters)

Ear Savers are: $20 for 10 ear savers ($2.00/each).

What Now?

We will contact you with a formal quote where you can checkout online with credit card or for large orders company accounts can be set up with forms for setting up terms. Please put in notes if you would like to set up terms (must be $1,000 or more order to qualify for setting terms).

For order support contact us at

Assembly Instructions

Assembly of Standard Avid Face Shield

 Assembly of Crowned Avid Face Shield

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Additional Parts Available

Face Mask Fitter

Healthcare organizations or business preparing to reopen/open have ordered thousands of masks but have noticed a lack of effectiveness of these masks. Due to this, companies have been ordering mass customized parts to improve the effectiveness of their already purchased masks. Contact us at for more information and how to order these parts.

A personalized 3D printed frame contoured to the specific shape of the user’s face to optimize the peripheral seal of surgical or similar masks to the face. The frame fits a person’s facial geometry and is automatically generated from a 3D face scan using the Bellus3D Face App or Dental Pro Apple iOS application for Apple iPhone X, iPhone 11 or iPad Pro with FaceId capability.

Visit the Bellus3D website for more information.