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Founded in  2018, Custom Color 3D Printing provides quality services to clients by providing them with the professional care they deserve. Get in touch today to learn more about our 3D Printing Service.

All About Custom Color 3D Printing

Our Background

With over a decade of experience in design, manufacturing, and prototyping Custom Color 3D Printing was founded on bringing those skills and experiences to color 3D printing. Located only a few minutes from Downtown Chicago, we're deeply invested and plugged into Chicago's technology and creative industries. We take pride in serving Chicago and beyond, whatever your project may be.


Professional Services

You can count on Custom Color 3D Printing to not only meet, but exceed all your needs and requests. Learn more about the services we provide below, and let us know if you’d like to learn more about a specific offering.

Rapid Prototyping

Whether it's a rough prototype or a nearly finished product we can provide iterative versions of your product to help your design process. We also provide electronic prototyping services. Be it the internal components or the external look of your product we can help take your ideas across the finish line.


Our color 3D prints are made using plastics that offer injection molded strength without the need for expensive tooling. Small to medium manufacturing runs combined with additive manufacturing allow for a new degree of flexibility and customization for your products.

Interior Architecture

With over 15 years of combined experience in environmental graphics and interior architecture, we know the demands for new, unique, and engaging decor are constantly evolving. Our color 3D printed solutions offer a completely new set of design ideas to inspire your creativity.

Dimensional Signage

Your signage says a lot about your business, both directly and indirectly. We know how competitive you need to be and how much being unique can add to your visibility. Talk to us about the unique lettering and signage you can only achieve with 3D printing.

Costumes and Props

Whether you're working with a team on a big production or by yourself on a small or individual project, color 3D printing can simplify your production process, increase your speed, and allow for entirely new ways of creating wearable pieces and quality accessories.

Toys and Collectibles

Custom figurines, prototype toys, and small batches of collectible pieces are only a few of the possibilities that our 3D printers make possible. With the durability of production plastic without the need for costly molding, we provide a new opportunity for hobbyists and manufacturers to create items at a scale previously too costly to approach.

Visual Aids

Visual aids are an invaluable tool for educators in any field. Our 3D printers can take lessons off of the chalkboard, adding depth to concepts to effectively illustrate complex ideas. Full color, high-resolution capabilities allow for incredibly detailed models and aids, no matter what the subject is. 

Architectual Modeling

Having detailed, scale models of buildings and designs allows architects to better communicate and share ideas with each other and their clients. No matter how detailed and creative a concept is, our printers can bring it to life with unmatched quality and precision.


We offer additional services including photometric scanning, laser-engraving, vinyl cutting, and 3D modeling. 

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