Production Nylon 3D Printing

At Custom Color Printing, our team combines extensive experience and skill in prototyping, design, and manufacturing with advanced color 3D printing capabilities. We help you realize your vision efficiently and effectively. Located in the heart of Chicago, we pride ourselves on our involvement in the creative and technological industries in the city, and look to serve the 3D printing needs of Chicago and beyond.

Once an expensive niche technology with limited practical applications, the use cases for additive manufacturing—more commonly called 3D printing—have greatly expanded in recent years as the technology becomes more accessible and more affordable. Prints are becoming more and more common in the fields of art, fashion, interior design, and many others.

At Custom Color, we work with many boutique clients to create full-color 3D prints. We are able to print figurines, artistic prints, functional/display models, and more.

Why You Need 3D Printing

Computer-aided design and 3D printing are complex technologies that require training and skill to master. Custom Color 3D Printing offers professional printing and prototyping in the areas of dimensional signage, costumes, collectibles and architectural models.

Our 3D printing services included benefits such as:

  • No need for additional painting services
  • Full range CYMK color on all prints
  • Isotropic parts that ensure consistency throughout print
  • Flexible, durable, production-grade parts that are ready for use
  • Finish options that include full color paint, clear coating, and vapor polishing
  • Cost effectiveness for low-volume prints
  • Quick turnaround times

Full Color Nylon 3D Printing

Nylon is an ideal material for use in 3D printing. Due to its semi-flexible and durable nature, nylon is able to receive high-impact and abrasive contact without breaking. Our nylon prints are dimensionally accurate, ensuring that the final design matches the original vision for the product. While 3D printers cannot print anything or everything, we work with a variety of full color nylon 3D printers to make sure that we have the right printer for your custom request.

Nylon 3D Printing From Custom Color 3D Printing

At Custom Color Printing, we rely on over a decade of experience to ensure we always exceed your expectations. We work with a variety of software files, including MakerOS, NetFabb, AutoCAD, Fusion 360, and HP SmartStream 3D. Our fleet of 3D printers includes:

  • HP Jet Fusion 580
  • Rize XRIZE
  • Rize ONE
  • MakerBot Replicator+
  • Glowforge Pro

Our default time-frame is 10 days, but we can turnaround a completed project within 48 hours in many instances. Our other capabilities include rapid prototyping, photometric scanning, laser engraving, vinyl cutting, and 3D modeling.

To learn more about what full color nylon 3D printing from Custom Color can do for you, and to begin your custom request, contact us today.