Prototyping Campaign

Custom Color 3D Printing is a major provider of accurate, high-quality 3D printing services for a wide range of industries. Whether you need a detailed architectural prototype or a vivid 3D sign, we are pleased to offer services that exceed even the most unique requirements. Our highly experienced staff are dedicated to producing superior 3D printed color products for any project.

Our 3D rapid prototyping services allow us to create fundamental versions of your product in order to assist in your design and engineering process. In addition, we offer electronic prototyping so that you can make adjustments to your specifications before printing. We are capable of designing and producing everything from rough prototypes to nearly finished products, and we provide expert guidance and knowledge for every step of the prototyping process.

3D printing in rapid prototyping offers an inexpensive modeling option at a fraction of the cost of more traditional molding and tooling processes. As an additive process, there is significantly less wastage than subtractive milling and tooling, and there is no need to create a separate mold or tool to facilitate the manufacturing process. This results in a much lower turnaround time and significantly lower overhead costs.

CastAway™ Phone Case Project

Our portfolio of services includes electronic design, prototyping, production, painting, and finishing. On one of our most recent projects, we worked with Chicago-based mobile technology company castAway to develop their patented two-screen phone cases. We used state-of-the-art HP 580 3D printers and part painting booths to design and create over 30 case models made to fit a wide range of phone sizes and models.

Part dimensions of the cases varied based on the sizes of the phones for which they were designed. The cases consist of multiple interacting pieces composed of Nylon PA12. All cases are manufactured within extremely tight tolerances of +- 0.02″ to ensure a proper fit, and they are thoroughly inspected and tested. Automotive paint and clear coating are used to provide a durable finished appearance. Although the majority of our projects have a short 10-day turnaround, this project was completed over a single weekend.

Prototyping Services From Custom Color 3D Printing

At Custom Color 3D Printing, we offer superior full color printing services with an exceptionally quick turnaround on even the most detailed projects. In addition to our rapid prototyping services, we are pleased to provide a variety of full color 3D printing services including:

  • Interior architecture
  • Dimensional signage
  • Parts manufacturing
  • Toys and collectibles
  • Costumes and props
  • Visual aids
  • Architectural modeling

We also offer numerous value-added services, including photometric scanning, laser-engraving, vinyl cutting, and 3D modeling.

To learn more about our state-of-the-art 3D printing technology and services, contact us today or request an instant quote using our online interactive Instant Quoting Engine.