Printing Nylon Figurines

3D printing is an additive manufacturing technique in which a three-dimensional object is printed from a computer aided design (CAD) template by continuously layering the printing material. This manufacturing method is useful for the accurate production of a broad range of products, such as toys, visual aids, architectural models, signage, and countless other items.

At Custom Color Printing, we use 3D printing to produce parts and components for prototyping or small- and medium-sized production runs. We specialize in niche or unique projects and can achieve superior accuracy even on very small parts.

The Nylon Figurine Project

We have partnered with Twindom, a provider of body scanning technology, to create realistic figurines. Our ongoing project with Twindom involves the prototyping and small batch production of toys and collectibles with durable nylon 3D printing. Using nylon enables us to provide full-color 3D printing services for the figurines, which makes them highly customizable.

With Twindom’s technology, the object or person can be scanned using Twindom’s backend process. Once the scan is complete, a human artist will touch up the design files to ensure that they will meet or exceed the expectations of the customer. Our advanced 3D printing capabilities allow the creation of figurines with exquisite and intricate details.

We can produce batches of identical figurines that are impossible to fabricate affordably with conventional fabrication techniques. Unlike some other plastics and resins, nylon doesn’t produce unpleasant odors during printing. 3D printing is also faster than the plastic molding techniques commonly used to make figurines since it doesn’t require any molding.

Our full color 3D printing capabilities are a boon for hobbyists and small manufacturers. We can make figurines in sizes varying from 3–9 inches. This is a great way for consumers or businesses to commemorate special occasions by making 3D replicas of the objects and people that mark those events. Each part goes through a strict quality assurance process before we ship them out to Twindom for final shipping to the customer.

For more information about our figurine capabilities, check out our video.

Custom Nylon Figurines From Custom Color Printing

Custom Color Printing manufactures high-quality nylon figurines with great detail and vibrant colors. We tailor our work to each customer’s specifications and strive to provide turnaround times that suit the customer’s schedule. Our experts work with customers to resolve any technical challenges they may have. In addition to 3D printing, we also offer 3D modeling, laser engraving, and photometric scanning.

Get in touch with us to learn how we can address your requirements for plastic figurines and other 3D printing related services.