Printed Architectural Figurine

At Custom Color Printing, we’ve amassed over a decade’s worth of experience in design, manufacturing, and prototyping. We leverage our expertise to provide industry-leading custom color 3D printing services. Interior architecture and architectural modeling projects are all brought to life via unmatched quality and precision. Many of our clients turn to us for high-detail scale models of buildings and other designs.

About the Project

For the general public, knowledge of 3D printing is often limited to what can be produced using basic consumer-grade 3D printers. Our advanced custom color 3D printing capabilities extend the range of possibilities that 3D printing allows, enabling us to produce advanced 3D models in range of sizes and complexities.

At Custom Color Printing, we use industry-leading color 3D printers to create intricate architectural models and printed parts. Our team relies on a fine, nylon powder material to create custom-modeled parts and components. Each project is designed to be printed as a single part, so our team only needs to blast away powder after the printing process is complete.

Project: It’s a Snow Day

Our team was tasked with creating components for more than 250 snow globes with highly customized features. Each snow globe needed to have a 2-inch diameter, but also had to include a detailed house. The Custom Color Printing team created over 250 of these houses over the course of three months. We utilized Nylon PA12 in conjunction with the HP 580 to produce highly durable parts.

One of the most notable aspects of the It’s a Snow Day project was managing the client’s color expectations. The entire process was ongoing and constantly under refinement. We adjusted color maps at the client’s request to achieve a product run that left the client satisfied with:

  • Consistency
  • Turnaround times
  • Attention to detail

The It’s a Snow Day project offered our team the opportunity to refine our printing process. We achieved exceptional turnaround times without loss of quality or consistency.

Architectural Model Printed Parts from Custom Color Printing

At Custom Color Printing, we’re always pursuing more efficient ways to meet our customer’s needs. We regularly leverage specialized machining and parts to meet unique requirements and solve customer challenges. We develop a custom process for each unique project we take on.

You can find out more about our design process by speaking to one of our expert design team members. If you’d like to learn about our extensive custom color 3D printing capabilities, contact us today or request a free project quote.