Design, Engineering, and 3D Printing

3D printing is a manufacturing process that builds up layers of material according to a set of programmed instructions. Each layer forms a thin cross-section of the finished product to create three-dimensional models. 3D printing is an additive manufacturing method in which material is added to the workpiece to create the finished product, unlike subtractive manufacturing techniques like machining, which takes material away from the workpiece to form a product.

Why Do You Need 3D Printing?

While 3D printing got its origins in medical equipment, visual consumer models, and niche industrial products, today’s applications are much more expansive. 3D printing is commonly used to create a wide variety of consumer goods, including art, toys,¬†architectural and interior design finishes, and wearable products such as jewelry and shoes.¬†

However, 3D printers themselves can make in-house printing cost-prohibitive. They require industry-specific printers, designers and specialists with experience, and more. Using a service provider for unfettered access to different printer types and a wide variety of designs and materials is preferable to many companies. Through a skilled 3D printing provider, your company can create prototypes and artistic prints at the start of a project, fully functional figurines, and display models for stores.

Benefits of 3D Printing

3D printing offers many benefits over traditional design and manufacturing techniques. Key benefits of working with Custom Color Printing include:

  • Easy prototype creation. Your company can easily turn a computer design file into a functional prototype for testing, display, and further refinement. Our prototypes are full color and not prone to breakage, so you don’t have to worry about painting or finishing the products.
  • Cost-efficient production. 3D printing is a cost-effective solution for low-volume production runs, especially for colorful, intricate designs.
  • Comprehensive support. Our team will help you bring your designs to life. We’ll match your product and design with the right printer and materials for the job. Even if our facility doesn’t have the right type of printer for the job, we’ll help you find a service that does.
  • File conversion. 3D printers need specific file types to change the design specifications into clear instructions for the machinery. We’ll help design and engineer the right files to create a 3D representation of your product.

Examples of 3D Printing

3D printing can create a wide range of products, especially in the categories listed above. Some of the most popular uses for 3D printing include:

  • Wearables: dental products, footwear, prosthetics, and glasses
  • Consumer products: furniture, interior decor, trophies, and plastic toy figurines
  • Industrial products: prototypes, tools, and product components
  • Research tools: replicas of artifacts, fossil reconstructions, and forensic evidence reconstruction

3D Printing Capabilities From Custom Color Printing

Custom Color Printing specializes in 3D printing services for boutique clients and unique projects. We create 3D printed models and have full color printing capabilities. Our team is here to help turn your concepts into design files and physical three-dimensional representations. We work with the following platforms:

  • AutoCAD
  • Fusion360
  • HP SmartStream 3D
  • MakerOS
  • NetFabb

Contact us to tell us more about your project and to start creating today. We offer lead times as short as 10 days, with capabilities of 48 hours on many projects.